You want to lose weight for years? This will help you with this simple trick

You want to lose weight for years? This will help you with this simple trick

A simple trick that will help you lose weight before the summer, is recommended by the Guardians of Balance (Weight Watchers). And strangely this way has nothing to do with food. There is also no special exercises or even motivational mantra. It’s easy, totally free and quite enjoyable method worth trying, if you are fighting with extra pounds.

How to lose weight for years? A simple trick Guardians of Balance

The most important during weight loss is to follow a diet. In second place ranks physical activity. Without this hard to achieve the dream figure. However, it can be much easier. Experts on weight loss ensure that people who are active in social media effectively lose excess weight. Yes, it’s not a joke!

Experts on weight loss ensure that people who are active in social media effectively lose excess weight

Sharing your progress in losing weight, can greatly facilitate this process. ‘Comments are an effective motivator, facilitating perseverance in the provisions. More than half of the respondents admitted that positive reactions in social media helped them to change habits.

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Encourage professionals to document their diet and workouts zone for moms. They advise to show not only successful, but also moments of doubt. In addition to the comments and reactions of Internet users, is already motivating the actual writing, recording video or taking pictures during his weight loss. Subsequent watching them easier to persevere in the provisions, and also allows to observe the progress that are not always visible to the naked eye.

Although some deride regular throwing to the network gallery meals or training, research confirms that such activity in social media can help a lot in weight loss. If you want to keep your motivation at a high level and lose weight for years, you might want to share his struggle to figure in the Internet.

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Support and interest of others makes weight loss easier and more enjoyable. People who are watching our struggles is a great motivation to persevere and give of yourself more. It turns out that social media is an ally of weight loss, and continuous throwing porridge pictures or selfie from the gym brings many benefits.


    How to care for skin capillaries?

    How to care for skin capillaries?

    Skin capillaries is very demanding and sensitive. Unfortunately, often we do not really know how to properly nurture and contribute to the deepening of adverse changes Allure perfect. How to recognize skin capillaries and how to care for her?

    Dilated capillaries – that what?

    Cera capillaries called a vascularized skin shallowly, in which blood vessels of the weak, thin and less elastic walls are expanded and crowding blood just under the skin. The rapid expansion of blood under the influence of external factors such as stress, spicy foods, high temperature, causes redness, burning and itching. The resulting flush do not disappear after a while, but persist up to several hours. Very often it is hard to hide them even makeup.

    Who is at skin capillaries?

    The skin capillaries are mostly women. Culprits are sensitive, thin skin and estrogen, the hormone that causes, among others, relaxation of blood vessels. The occurrence of vascular skin also has a genetic basis, and its characteristic symptoms can be observed in childhood. They do not ignore them, because it can lead to serious changes: the blood vessels in the end of the contract the stop and will already be visible on a permanent basis, in the form of spider veins. Lack of proper skin care can also cause vascular inflammation and acne rosacea, which requires serious dermatological treatment.

    How to cultivate the skin capillaries?

    Proper care of skin capillaries is the key to prevent redness and irritation. This will also keep your skin looking good and fit. Treatment of vascular skin must take place in the morning and evening, using lukewarm or cool water, and appropriately selected cosmetics. They are absolutely excluded any sponges and brushes for the face – cleaning process must be as gentle.

    At washed and cleansed face lotion is applied or moisturizer, you should refrigerate.

    How to choose cosmetics for skin care capillaries?

    Top most delicate. Suitable for vascular skin care cosmetics should contain active ingredients such as vitamins K, PP, C and E, rutin, arnica (neutralizes redness), panthenol, yarrow, marigold, Ginkgo Biloba, Glycerin, horse chestnut extract or plant oils – with macadamia nuts or avocado.

    What cosmetic use?

    • creams. These vascular skin to enhance the skin barrier and the blood vessel walls, so that alleviate reddening of the skin;


    • protective cosmetics for skin capillaries. UV radiation increases skin problems capillaries. It should therefore be used both in summer and winter cosmetics with sun protection with a minimum protection of SPF 30;

    protective cosmetics for skin capillaries.

    • masking. Extended breaking blood vessels and this unsightly problem that at all costs we want to hide. Check in that all cosmetics containing green pigment, for example. Equalizers.


    Vascular skin absolutely must dispense with mechanical peels, not to irritate the skin. It will be suitable for enzymatic peelings. People struggling with capillaries should also avoid cosmetics containing ethyl alcohol and strong fragrances.

    Dilated capillaries and diet

    In the care of skin capillaries and tranquility will also help proper diet, based on general principles of healthy eating. So eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, which are a source of vitamins and nutrients. They affect the condition of the skin, strengthening the blood vessels. Be sure to eliminate from the diet spicy spices, performance products, alcohol, energy drinks and strong coffee and tea.

    One simple exercise that will allow you to maintain a great shape without the gym. And without leaving home

    One simple exercise that will allow you to maintain a great shape without the gym. And without leaving home

    Coronavirus first closed schools and kindergartens, and later also cultural institutions and gyms. The only thing we (still) left this outdoor sport. Although here and should be extremely cautious, because I’ve the same output from the apartment through a staircase exposes us to the risk of infection. The safest practice in their own four walls. Especially that the weather does not spoil and also just returned frosts.

    Pumps, an exercise that will allow you to maintain a good shape without the gym

    Traditional quilting lap Trending Makeup. Pumps is an exercise that has a lot of different variants, so that they can perform them both very athletic person, and those who can not boast good form. It’s great for improving this form.

    The muscles of the chest, deltoids, triceps, and a group of muscles responsible for stabilization. These body parts are involved in the making push-ups. The great advantage of this exercise is that we can perform them anywhere we want and we do not need this specialized equipment.

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    What should be done properly pump? “Lower the low, but see straight. Put the bottle under the body of water, and only count the repetitions where you touch the bottle cage,” – writes in the guide, “Be Fit” was the star of the NHL and supporter of the exercises at home, Mariusz Czerkawski.

    Former hockey player proposes several types of exercises. The first lies in the fact that we do push-ups at wide spacing of the hands – hands spacing wider than our shoulders.

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    And how does the pump quilting? “Take the pump so arranged hands to hands touching your thumbs and forefingers – combined space inside the fingers of a hand should resemble the card symbol spades.”

    Czerkawski also recommends unbalanced pump. “Take the classic push-ups, but the one hand, set on a small, steady increase,” – explains the author of the guide.

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    Or maybe you pump with your feet on the platform? Rest your feet on a chair stable and lower-lift the torso as in the classic push-ups. With this modification works harder upper parts of the chest.

    Another option is to pump on one leg – one leg lean on the other. By doing so you have to pump harder to work the abdominal muscles to maintain balance.

    People with weaker muscles of hands may opt for a simpler version of push-ups – on his knees. First, lightly bend your legs at the knees, lift the feet up and crossed them. Still it works as in the case of the basic version of push-ups.

    Ideas for rejuvenating hair for 50-year-old

    Ideas for rejuvenating hair for 50-year-old

    Hair greatly affect our look and feel. Well manicured and nicely trimmed can dramatically rejuvenate. Unfortunately, with age the hair becomes less frequent and less often – so often the most sensible step is to simply shorten their lot. With this hair look healthier. Short hair give the appearance of freshness and lightness, face look radiant and younger.

    Once very fashionable among others among middle-aged women perm, unfortunately, is not the most advantageous for the hair. They destroy them, and besides, often makes us look older than we are of the essence. After all, the most important is to feel good with your haircut – regardless of trends and advice of others. Our comments and ideas for hairstyles for rejuvenating 50-year-old is therefore only guidelines, which are not the oracle; wear your hair like that, what will please you most!

    Nearly the shape of the face

    Before you even get down to select hairstyles, take a look at the advice of experts on how to connect with the shape of facial hair.

    Ladies with a round face

    • Women with square face should avoid straight bangs, because it makes it seem more severe scratches and angular. Relaxing features conducive asymmetrical haircut (maybe also with fringe, but a slight disarray, aesthetically frayed).

    Women with square face

    • Round face usually it looks good with longer hair, which are to make the face will seem slimmer. They will not work here rather slicked, smooth hair, which can create the effect of fattie.

    round face

    • Heart-shaped face (triangular) while experts recommend jagged, asymmetrical hair – a hairstyle to be somewhat alleviated spiczastość chin. There is a risk that the smooth hairstyle or tapir will not look favorable. A good choice can be bangs that somewhat distract from a pointed chin.

    Heart-shaped face (triangular)

    • In the case of the longitudinal face you sleep particularly well to short hair. Ladies with long face should look great in bangs, which visually shorten the face.

    longitudinal face

    Ideas for rejuvenating hair for 50-year-old

    Short hair styling reign of subtracting years. Neat bob is one of the classic anti-aging hair. It can be classic or asymmetrically truncated, with or without bangs. Unfortunately, Bob fairly quickly lose shape and quickly requires reintervention hairdresser. Let it sadly looks, feels and drooping.

    short hairstyles

    Bangs also can have a rejuvenating effect. Here much depends (as already mentioned) the shape of the face, but generally safer to opt for bangs “light”, asymmetric, a bit disheveled. Simple and heavy can give your face too much austerity it look older.


    If your hair is thin, can rejuvenate their skillful shading. In this way, they will take on the shape and create the illusion of a larger volume where it is needed.


    Bob If you do not fell to taste, think the pixie cut. It’s a great short haircut Rejuvenation for 50-year-old (though of course also works well in women at a younger age). Pixie cut is a short hairstyle with bangs in different variations – combed back or to the side. The pixie cut hair from the back of the head are strongly undercut, sometimes until. Cut pixie hairstyle is characterized by disorder, and sometimes a mess! Thus it does not require labor-intensive styling – just slightly pixie cut to form a light gel or foam. Styling is here basically  hair. Considerable advantage pixie cut is not only that it’s rejuvenating hair, but also that it fits properly for all outfits and occasions!

    pixie cut

    Other rejuvenation hair for 50-year-old extended to bob, or lob (long bob). Goes back at least to the clavicles. Like Bob, lob has many variations. It is a compromise between short and long hair – retain the freshness and lightness of short and long alluring femininity.

    bob extended, lob or

    Rejuvenating hair colors

    Hair color can also make look and rejuvenate. In general rejuvenating effect rather they have brighter colors, especially shades of blonde. It would not hurt, however, light brown. Fashion is also platinum hair, light gray, which, contrary to appearances, not necessarily evoke the gray. Dark colors and often overwhelm the face, giving it the effect of gravity.

    If you do not want to decide on the radical lighter color, do you think brighter reflections or highlights. Rejuvenating effect guaranteed!

    Warning! You have to remember, however, that the poor quality paint – and in addition applied unskilled hand, amateur – can slice the grizzled hair different tricks, for example, give your hair an unwanted violet or green tint. Among other things because of that better reflect in the hands of professionals who will take care to beauty treatments did not end unpleasant surprise.