How to take care of your hair during an epidemic coronavirus?

How to take care of your hair during an epidemic coronavirus?

Coronavirus and hair: if you can become bald because of the epidemic?

Hair loss has different causes. These include eg. Improper care, various diseases or too poor diet. Most, however, the culprit is chronic stress. And that in the current situation, we have quite a lot. Mental stress lowers our immunity, may cause or aggravate symptoms of many diseases and hair health are the most sensitive barometer that reflects the state of our body and signals deficiencies.

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“The period of the current pandemic coronavirus for many people is associated with experiencing a strong and chronic stress, which can cause premature transition of hair in the resting phase, to contribute to the inflammation of hair follicles and the weakening of the hair structure. Some people may even experience hair loss due to stress, taking the various form. this could be an outbreak of total alopecia, similar as in the case of alopecia areata, as well as the uniform, but I strongly noticeable decrease in the density of the entire hair, as in the case of telogen effluvium “- explains trycholog Anna Mackojć -” Stress can lead to many ailments, including hair loss. it functions even such a term as psychogenic alopecia “- he added.

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Specialist as just one of the threats to our hair also lists trichotillomania, a disorder that is manifested by pulling of hair. This strong reaction to stress and disorder, which can and should be treated. If you suspect them in yourself, seek medical advice. Online or telephone consultation is safe and often easier for people struggling with this problem.

How to take care of your hair during the epidemic coronavirus?

In the era of epidemic coronavirus is recommended that frequent washing of hair. If we go out of the house and spend between people, we should do it every day. It should be careful and choose a mild shampoo. Hygiene is the most important, but you can not hide the fact that wet hair is more vulnerable to damage. By increasing the frequency of washing, we can worsen their condition, if we do not treat them gently.

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It should closely watch the hair and pay attention to all the changes. If you suddenly fall out of them more than usual, this is an alarm signal. On the other hand, there is no sense of panic immediately. Seasonal hair loss is normal spring. If you have concerns, however, that we are losing too many of them, let’s look at your diet and customs treatments. To habits that damage the hair include, among others cutting them with scissors blunt, but also undercut procrastination. And in the era of epidemic coronavirus by one and the second is not difficult, given that the hairdressers do not work.

That I look at our hair depends largely on genes for which we have no influence. Instead of us depends on how we treat your hair and how we eat. Not without significance is also beauty treatments.

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In addition to the hair should also pay attention to the scalp. Let us remember that the overgrown hair is already dead. Little can help him. It all boils down to the issue of protection against damage by gentle treatment and protective cosmetics. Brings excellent results while scalp massage and various. They stimulate the roots to grow, strengthen it and prevent hair loss.

But the most important in all of this is to control stress. Even the best cosmetics and a good diet will not help if the nerves will we ate inside.